My 2nd LOTOJA in the books. Man it was so cold in the morning, and by cold I'm talking "She look at the tree later Clark, her eyes are frozen."  Logan was forty, but as we moved out of the city I watch the temperature on my Garmin slowly take a turn for the worse.  Base layer, wind gloves, arm warmers and wind vest and I might as well have wore nothing. Our group's pace started pretty slow which contributed to the cold, but it really got cold. Outside of Logan it got down to 30. Crazy Rob Harrow was a frozen little critter by the time we got to the Strawberry climb. Once the sun got to us thing started to warm just in time to start the climbing. Some leaders broke away but Adam Barker, Jameson Rice and I kept at a fast, reasonable pace. Keeping them in sight and not breaking the bank we rolled into Montpellier with a pretty big group of around 30 guys- most from other categories. Quick pee break, food, bottles, and off we went. Somewhere in the Strawberry climb we lost Jameson and I didn't see him the rest of the day - bummer.  Turns out he was just trying to get his vest off and had to take a 15 second stop.  Adam and I worked with a good group of dudes until the Geneva climb when Adam fell back a little to go at his own pace. I moved on with two new friends, Sean and Tim. We paced each other and stuck to a plan to work to get a sub 10 hour pace. Rolled into Afton feeling good, without my back or feet hurting like last year. Afton to Alpine was a blur. Faster pace then the year before with the long flats and dangerous rumble strips. Alpine rest stop was quick but not rushed. Kristin took such good care of me and was so thoughtful. I met up with Andy Olsen with about 30 miles to go and we traded some really good pulls together.  Snake River Canyon went fast! It was a strong finish trying to keep the pace fast enough to get sub 10 hours. Andy had a huge surge at the end that kept me motivated and moving. It was beautiful and a perfect day. Cold in the morning, but sunny, no strong winds, and warm - not hot. My bike and gear worked perfectly. Our condo at Snow King was a disaster, but we did get to watch the Utes beat the Cougs 20-19. We missed the game at Rice Eccles, but it was fun to watch it together in the condo. Great day. Great race. So glad it's over!

Adam Barker MST 35+ CAT 4/5 (12/62) 10:01:45
Stuart Anderson MST 35+ CAT 4/5 (7/62) 9:56:07
Jameson Rice MST 35+ CAT 4/5 (11/62) 10:01:44
Rob Harrow MST 35+ CAT 4/5 (31/62) 10:57:18

Erik Olsen CAT 5 (7/55) 9:31:46
Andy Welch CAT 5 (6/55) 9:31:45

Dave Sharp MST 45+ CAT 1-4 (16/31) 10:01:41
Paul Watson MST 45+ CAT 1-4 (17/31) 10:02:12
Ken Jones MST 45+ CAT 1-4 (18/31) 10:18:51

Tek Kilgore MST 60+ OPEN (6/49) 10:23:37
Dan Moser MST 60+ OPEN (14/49) 10:53:10

Jim Hutton MST 55+ OPEN (18/43) 10:59:11

Phil Olsen CAT 5 (37/55) 11:53:55
Jace Muramato CAT 5 (38/55) 11:53:56
Steve Brown CAT 5 (35/55) 11:53:55

Sean Hansen MST 45+ CAT 4/5 (17/54) 10:14:25