On June 15 (Saturday), 2019 me and small group of Mi Duole Cycling teammates will climb Mill Creek Canyon. Our hope is to complete the Everesting Challenge https://everesting.cc/the-rules/: Ride one hill as many times as it takes to equal the height of Mount Everest. The upper section of Mill Creek Canyon will be closed until July 1.

This ride will raise awareness and needed money for two close friends of the Mi Duole Team who both have been diagnosed with ALS: Creighton Rider and Seth Christenson. For each lap completed, anyone participating, will have the opportunity to donate $20.  You could donate for each lap.  Find others to donate for each lap. Sponsors could donate for laps.  Any way you do it, there will be a way to make donations at our home base at the bottom of the canyon.  

This will be a self-supported ride.  The Mi Duole team will provide a “home base” right next to the Barbacoa on Wasatch Blvd.  Sponsors will be invited to join us.  There will be a small pop-up tent, lawn chairs, water, and a place to park your car and with supplies.  Each lap up Mill Creek will also start at this location.  It is not necessary to ride all laps to participate.  If you are interested in participating as a rider please reach out to Stuart Anderson miduole@gmail.com

Attached you will see my first attempt at the Everest Calculator.  These are the numbers that I came up with but feel free to enter you own https://everesting.io to get a better idea of what your day could look like.  

I feel like Mill Creek Canyon is home for the Mi Duole team.  Wouldn’t be an amazing accomplishment to be added to the Everesting Hall of Fame for riding this beautiful canyon and at the same time providing support for friends?  

I’m ALL IN for this.