2018 Mi Duole Cycle Club Membership

This is the final order of the year for team kits.  You will have until June 24th to place your orders for new kits and clothes from Voler.  All orders will ship July 31st and arrive the first week of August. 

2018 Summer Mi Duole Kit Order

Black Kits http://www.voler.com/custom/ordering/li/23035

White Kits http://www.voler.com/custom/ordering/li/23034

Because of the generous donations from our sponsors and the collective buying power from the team all the prices you see online represent a 20% savings off the Voler retail price.  

If you haven’t purchased a 2018 kit yet please remember the team fee is $40 per member.  


$40 Yearly Team - This fee will be collected when you pick up your kit order in early spring.  Joining the team takes place when you purchase your kit and pay the fee.  There also might be a twenty minute wattage test, blood sample and fingerprinting needed. 


  • Member dues go towards team activities
  • Weekly group rides, both mid-week and weekends.
  • One entry to participate in a local cycling charity event (Huntsman 140)
  • Member pricing on the best kits from Voler. The team does two kit orders per year -- one in the spring and on in the last summer.
  • 10% discount card to Barbacoa Mexican Grill
  • Weekly member team email with information on upcoming events, rides, kit orders, etc.
  • 15% discount on all bike supplies and tune-ups at Flynn Cycles in Holladay.